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    LikeMe.jar <Like others and get Liked automatically>


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    LikeMe.jar <Like others and get Liked automatically>

    Post by dipu_red_eyes on Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:00 am

    How to use this tool?
    Install the tool on your phone , in settings page enter forum nick,password, mig33 nick & password
    Press menu and save settings.
    press 'Open mig33' command
    Main function of LikeMe.jar is started automatically when you press 'Open mig33' command. It is upto you you login your mig or not after pressing 'Open mig33' command

    How LikeMe.jar works?
    When you press 'Open mig33' command an ID that you specified in settings is logged in at backend
    After 40 seconds of login LikeMe.jar executes a URL on swiftwares server. By executing this URL your ID registers itself in 'Logged in' IDs on swiftwares server. server checks all other Online IDs on it and like them all with your ID automatically, same way you are liked by other online IDs automatically.
    The above step is repeated every 5 minutes after login, hence liking all other online IDs
    When you logout LikeMe.jar, application cannot Execute URL on swiftwares.com and hence server deletes your ID from list of online IDs. Now neither you like others automatically nor you are liked by others


    LikeMe.jar also includes all features of easyadvertise.jar and easykick.jar
    By default advertisment script is disable in this application to save GPRS data(You can enable it when needed by putting any value other than '0' in advertisment interval in settings page)
    Like votes are given by server instead of application, so overall GPRS consumption is normal. (Be happy all mobile users )
    Getting more votes is possible only in 2 cases:
    1) You stay online for long time on this application
    2) More and more users use this application
    So stay online as long as you can on this application and convince more and more users to use this application to get maximum votes


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    Re: LikeMe.jar <Like others and get Liked automatically>

    Post by a-b-m-o-x-e-s on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:59 am

    nice share


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    Re: LikeMe.jar <Like others and get Liked automatically>

    Post by sleretz on Sun May 06, 2012 4:01 pm

    cb ah

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    Re: LikeMe.jar <Like others and get Liked automatically>

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