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    Silent Smoker v3.0


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    Silent Smoker v3.0

    Post by a-b-m-o-x-e-s on Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:47 pm

    Silent Smoker v3.0
    -= robindronath_thakur =-

    New Features:
    1. Pvt lock all of your ids, so no one can pvt boom to your ids
    2. Use auto left for gc, so no one can gc bomb to your ids
    3. Admin detector and online finder added with minimized hide option
    4. Mute ids, it helps to benefit in dc flooding

    1. 2 set multi log
    2. 11 id in action for each set
    3. 9 load/save for each set
    4. Admin detector and online finder
    5. List kick with 19 protect id
    6. Mute room users
    7. Check balance for each set
    8. Manual flood for both
    9. Auto features: auto list, auto kick, auto enter, auto vote, auto leave, admin run, auto left gc, pvt lock, hide protect for list
    10. 6 types auto flood for both set, 2 self control flood...auto edited, auto count, auto special, auto dc, auto emote and auto creator flood

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    Download from da below link:

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