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    S0ck3t Err0r Ult1m4te v1.2


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    S0ck3t Err0r Ult1m4te v1.2

    Post by prakitik_b on Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:27 pm

    S0ck3t Err0r Ult1m4te v1.2
    -= turjo-.-at =-

    * 6Set Multy
    * Can save unlimited ids in per Set
    * 5 Team For Every Set (Total 30set)
    * Admin Detector
    * Auto Leave On Admin Detect
    * Multy Chat
    * Single ID Enter/Left
    * Balance Checker
    * MigLevel Checker
    * Fast GetList
    * Auto Refresh GetList
    * Chat Box (Won't Hang At Flooding Time)
    * Mobile Multy Controler (MMC)
    * Auto Entry
    * Touch Kick
    * Manual Kick
    * Auto Login Id On Soft Open
    * Always On Top
    * Auto Save Previous Setting

    Flooding Features:
    * Auto Flood With Random Emote Change
    * Can Save Own Flood In 4Text File And Do Auto+Manual Flood
    * Abuser Flood
    * Auto Flood With Single ID
    * Auto Emote Changer Flood With Single ID
    * Auto Abuser Flood With Single Id
    * Set Interval


    Mobile Multy Controler:
    Using this feature, you can control the soft from your mobile phone. You can use multy, flood, auto flood, kick, auto enter, multy chat, single id enter leave etc.

    How to use Mobile Multy Controler (MMC):
    * First write your username/password of a Bot Controller and Click Login
    * After logged in, you will see this text >> Done!!<<>
    * Now check the controller id, you will get a private from bot controller
    * Now type command to according operations

    Loading Multy:
    Team1 for all set: .Id1
    Team2 for all set: .Id2
    Team3 for all set: .Id3
    Team4 for all set: .Id4
    Team5 for all set: .Id5

    Login Multy:
    Login Set1: .ls1
    Login Set2: .ls2
    Login Set3: .ls3
    Login Set4: .ls4
    Login Set5: .ls5

    Set Select:
    Set1 : .s1
    Set2 : .s2
    Set3 : .s3
    Set4 : .s4
    Set5 : .s5

    Auto Enter:
    Set1 : .ae1 start/stop
    Set2 : .ae2 start/stop
    Set3 : .ae3 start/stop
    Set4 : .ae4 start/stop
    Set5 : .ae5 start/stop

    .k Username

    Room Name Set:
    .rm Room Name

    Enter / Left:
    Enter: .e
    Left: .lft

    Send Text:
    .snd Text

    Set Text in Flood Box:
    .stxt Text
    Example: .stxt its SEU

    LogOut Multy:
    Logout Set1 : .ds1
    Logout Set2 : .ds2
    Logout Set3 : .ds3
    Logout Set4 : .ds4
    Logout Set5 : .ds5
    Logout Set6 : .ds6

    Auto Emote Flood:
    .arf start/stop

    Auto Flood:
    .fld start/stop

    .own1 Start/stop
    .own2 Start/stop
    .own3 Start/stop

    .abz start Name
    .abz stop

    Set Interval:
    .int Interval
    Example: .int 2200

    Multy Chat:
    Enter: .s-e
    Leave: .s-lft

    Id Code Select:
    .s-cd Id Code
    Example: .s-cd1

    Auto Emote Flood:
    .s-arf start/stop
    .s-fld start/stop

    Send Text:
    .s-snd Text

    .s-abz start Name
    .s-abz stop

    Set Text:
    .s-stxt text



    you have to reply to see the download link

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    Re: S0ck3t Err0r Ult1m4te v1.2

    Post by a-b-m-o-x-e-s on Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:09 am

    nice shareee b..... its not a free soft if u want 2 buy this soft plz contract this id turjo-.-at

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