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    SwiftyMig v3.2 (edited version)-= swiftwares.com =-


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    SwiftyMig v3.2 (edited version)-= swiftwares.com =- Empty SwiftyMig v3.2 (edited version)-= swiftwares.com =-

    Post by prakitik_b on Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:31 pm

    SwiftyMig v3.2
    (edited version)
    -= swiftwares.com =-

    New Features:
    * Flood can also work in GC, private as well as in chat room. use the same ".FL" commands
    * Presence of RIDs is synchronized with Main ID, in other words if you change presence of Main ID, the presence of RIDs will also be changed
    * You can start private chat with RIDs
    * You can join any room with RIDs
    * Auto leave is added to RIDs
    * You can read/write to group chat with RIDs (but you can't start)
    * Unexpected disconnection bug is solved
    * Auto Like system is back again
    * SwiftWorld will not open automatically at startup. Self answer mode is disable by default, auto welcome is also disabled by default.

    * Auto leave
    * Auto welcome
    * Auto reply
    * Auto Like
    * Flood
    * Easy advertise
    * Easy kick
    * Easy ban
    * SwiftWorld
    * Snap shot





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    SwiftyMig v3.2 (edited version)-= swiftwares.com =- Empty Re: SwiftyMig v3.2 (edited version)-= swiftwares.com =-

    Post by a-b-m-o-x-e-s on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:10 pm

    nice share >b< and keeep posting

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